Aim and Scope

Aim and Scope of the Journal International Journal of Modern Engineering and Research Technology (IJMERT) is an international journal that publishes original research papers in the fields of Engineering Research technology and its related disciplines. Areas included (but not limited to) are Engineering & Science All published research articles in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymous refereeing by independent expert referees

Researchers and students of M.E, M.Tech., M.S., M.Phil and PhD are requested to send their original research articles to IJMERT.

Topic Coverage

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Power Engineering:

Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Power Electronics, Power Quality, Power Economic, FACTS, Renewable Energy, Electric Traction, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electrical Engineering Materials, High Voltage Insulation Technologies, High Voltage Apparatuses, Lightning Detection and Protection, Power System Analysis, SCADA, Electrical Measurements.

Civil Engineering

Aseismic Retrofit, Building Materials, Ecology in Building, Engineering of building processes, Environmental Engineering, Earthquake-Resistant Design of Structures, Hydraulic engineering, Numerical methods in civil engineering, New technologies in civil engineering, Modern Structures, Geodesy and geomatics, Geotechnical engineering, Roads and bridges, Surveying, Structural engineering, Structural Control (Passive, Active, Semi-Active, Hybrid), Seismic Isolation, Smart Materials Steel and reinforced concerete structures, Sustainable building, Theory of structures, Transportation Engineering, Value engineering and ethics in civil engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Automatic 3D buildings design, Advanced Technology of Geotechnical Engineering, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, Building Energy Conservation and Green Architecture, Civil Engineering Materials, Engineering Structure Safety and Disaster Prevention, High-rise Structure and Large-span Structure, Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering, Municipal Engineering, New Structure and Special Structure, New Technology, Method and Technique in Civil Engineering, Structural Liability, Durability and Health Monitoring, Theory and Advanced Technology of Engineering Structure

Control and Computer Systems:

Optimal, Robust and Adaptive Controls, Non Linear and Stochastic Controls, Modeling and Identification, Robotics, Image Based Control, Hybrid and Switching Control, Process Optimization and Scheduling, Control and Intelligent Systems, Artificial Intelligent and Expert System, Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network, Complex Adaptive Systems.

Electronics Engineering:

Microelectronic System, Electronic Materials, Design and Implementation of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC), System-on-a-Chip (SoC) and Electronic Instrumentation Using CAD Tools, VLSI Design-Network Traffic Modeling

Telecommunication Engineering:

Antenna and Wave Propagation, Modulation and Signal Processing for Telecommunication, Wireless and Mobile Communications, Information Theory and Coding, Communication Electronics and Microwave, Radar Imaging, Distributed Platform, Communication Network and Systems, Telematics Services, Security Network, and Radio Communication.

Computer Engineering:

Artificial Intelligence, Bio-Informatics and Scientific Computing, Computational Intelligence, Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Computer Architecture, Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems, Data Communications, Data Mining, Digital Signal and Image Processing, Digital System and Logic Design, E-commerce and E-governance, Parallel and Distributed Computer, Pervasive Computing, Computer Network, Embedded System, Human—Computer Interaction, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Computer Security, Performance Modeling, Dependable, Neural Networks, Computing, High Performance Computing, Computer Security.

Biomedical Engineering:

Biomedical Physics, Biomedical Transducers and instrumentation, Biomedical System Design and Projects, Medical Imaging Equipment and Techniques, Telemedicine System, Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing, Biomedical Informatics and Telemedicine, Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Engineering, Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Systems.

Mechinical Engineering:

Analytical mechanics, Applied Mechanics, Computational mechanics, Combustion and Fuels, Controls and Dynamics, Environmental Management, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer and Thermal Power, I.C. Engines & Automobile Engineering, Industrial Economics & Management, Machine Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Material Science & Metallurgy, Mechatronics, Operations Research and Industrial Management, Production Management, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning, Rotor dynamics, Solid mechanics, Thermodynamics and Combustion Engineering, Tribology and Terotechnolog


Active perception & 3-D perception, Artificial intelligence, Automation, CNC Machines & Robotics, Autonomous robotic vehicles, Evolutionary robotics, Gaits of humanoids, Hardware architecture for humanoids, Humanoid motion planning, Industrial Robotics, Intelligent Control systems, Legged locomotion, Microsensors and actuators, Mobile robots, Multi-robot systems, Neural decoding algorithms, Robotics and Robot Applications, Path Planning, SLAM Algorithms, Robot cognition, adaptation and learning, GA and neural networks for mobile robots, Space robotics

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