Volume 4, Issue 3, July 2017

Sr. Title / Author(s) Abstract Full PDF
1. Implementation of Low Power D-Flip Flop Design in Nanometer Regime
Author(s): Ashirwad Pandey, Shyam Akashe | ITM University Gwalior pp 05-10
2. Modeling and Optimization of Low Power Memristor based Non-volatile 7T SRAM Cell
Author(s): Daya Ram Yadav, D. C. Chaurasia pp 11-15
3. A Novel Approach for Object Detection and Tracking from Video Using Support Vector Machine
Author(s): Lavina Datey, Rajesh Parashar | GGCT, Jabalpur pp 16-21
4. An Efficient Implementation of Zigbee Transmitter on FPGA Using Verilog Author(s): Karunakar Kumar Rajan, Santosh Kumar Chouhan | TIET, Jabalpur pp 22-25
5. A Smart Approach for Sentiment Analysis with Opinion Mining Using WAN
Author(s): Anjana Patel, Sapna Choudhary | SRGI, Jabalpur pp 26-32
6. Implementation of Static Synchronous Series Compensator for Power Flow Improvement in Electrical Power Transmission System
Author(s): Weethi Shrivastava, Nisheet Soni, R. P. Bhatele | SRIT, Jabalpur | pp 33-38
7. VLSI Implementation of Carry Select Adder Using Verilog
Author(s): Shiksha Dubey, Pravin Tiwari | TIET, Jabalpur | pp 39-43
8. Securing OLSR Protocol with Increasing Throughput in Mobile Adhoc Network
Author(s): Abhay Kumar Nema, Deepak Agrawal | TIET, Jabalpur| pp 44-51
9. Efficient Approach for Improving Congestion in Wireless Sensor Network Using Leach Protocol
Author(s): Akanksha Nema, Deepak Agrawal | TIET, Jabalpur | pp 52-57
10. Survey on Collision Avoidance in VANET
Author(s): Richa Thakur, Chandni Nagvanshi | TIET, Jabalpur pp 58-65
11. A Novel Approach for Implementing MAC Unit Using DADDA Multiplier
Author(s): Praveen Vishwakarma, Pravin Tiwari | TIET, Jabalpur Jabalpur pp 66-71
12. A Review Paper on to Investigate The Performance of a Flat Plate Solar Water Heater with Twisted Tape Inserts and Without Inserts
Author(s): Ashish Khatwar, Bittu Pathak | PCST, Bhopal pp 72-76
13. VLSI Implementation of FPGA based 8 bit Barrel Shifter
Author(s): Sarika Patel, Shivam Singh Solanki | TIET, Jabalpur pp 77-78
14. An Effective Micro Grid Load Demand Sharing Methodology
Author(s): JBV Subrahmanyam, Dhasharatha G, Harika Reddy M | TKREC , Hyderabad pp 77-78

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