Volume 2, Issue 4, October 2015

Sr. Title / Author(s) Abstract Full PDF
1. Design and Analysis Single H Shaped Metamaterial Embedded RMPA Author(s): Shivani Jain, Divyanshu Rao, Ravi Mohan | SRIT, Jabalpur| pp 05-09
2. Design and Simulation of Dual BandMicro-strip Patch Antenna for Wireless Communication
Author(s): Priya Mishra, Divyanshu Rao, Ravi Mohan | SRIT, Jabalpur| pp 10-14
3. Privacy Preservation in Data Mining Using Mixed Transformation Technique
Author(s):Pinkal Jain, Sandeep Nandanwar | pp 15-20
4. Simulation of Blackhole Attack
Author(s): Sharda Prasad Patel, Mamta Lambert, S.S. Thakur| pp 21-28
5. Layered Design Approach Compared with Cross Layer Design for Manet
Author(s): G. Saikumar, Manikanth Triupati, | VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur pp 29-34
6. An Enhanced Sentiment Analysis Tools for Social Media Analytics
Author(s): U. Venkanna | Warangal pp 35-43

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