Volume 4, Issue 4, October 2017

Sr. Title / Author(s) Abstract Full PDF
1. A Survey on Security Issue in MANET
Author(s): Khushboo Kushwaha, Deepak Agrawal | TIET, Jabalpur pp 05-13
2. Performance Optimization of Hive by Two-Way Join Operation over Big Data
Author(s): Manoj Dwivedi, Deepak Agrawal | TIET, Jabalpur pp 14-20
3. The Use of Cement Stabilized Granular Soil for Pavement Layer
Author(s): Pratistha Sen, R. K. Yadav | JEC, Jabalpur  pp 21-25
4. Improvement of Ethanol Sensing Properties of Nanocrystalline Bi2O3 by Doping 5.0 wt% Indium
Author(s): S. D. Kapse G. S. College Khamgaon (Maharashtra), pp 26-30
5. Survey of Wormhole Attack in MANET
Author(s): Aatmprakash Dwivedi, Abhishek Pandey | TIET, Jabalpur pp 31-39
6. A Review on Variety of Modulation Signal can be Detected and used for Cognitive Radio
Author(s): Umashankar Pandey, Shivam Singh Solanki | TIET, Jabalpur pp 40-45
7. Improvement in Image Compression ratio using proposed Algorithm
Author(s): Shabbir Ahmad, M.R. Aloney | Bhagwant University, Ajmer pp 46-54
8. Assessment of Sub-Synchronous Resonance, Compensation Levels of Turbine-Synchronous Generator Group
Authro(s) Vivek Jain, Ashok Soni, GGCT, Jabalpur pp 55-60
9. An Efficient Usage of Intelligence Techniques to Analyze the Speed Control of D.C Motor
Author(s): Kota Nayak V. | Dhruva, Hydrabad | pp 61-64
10. An Enhanced PI Controlled STATCOM for Voltage Regulation
Author(s):Dhasharatha G,Madhu Babu T, Nagasridhar Arise | TKREC, Hyderabad | pp 65-73
11. Estimation of High Performance Memristor Based 6T SRAM Cell Author(s): Daya Ram Yadav, D. C. Chaurasia | pp 74-79

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