National Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Nanotechnology (NCAMENT2018) 29-30 June, 2018 Organized by MED, University College of Engineering, Osmania University | Hyderabad, TS

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1. Effect of One-Dimensional Carbon Nanotube Loading on Dispersion and Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Nanocomposite Materials | Author(s): S. Pochaiah, Balaji Padya, A. Krishnaiah pp 05-10
2. A Review On Nano Composite Structures and its New Applications
Author(s): K. Susheela, I. Satyanarayana pp 11-18
3. Ultra-thin 2D Carbon Material as Engine Oil Additive for Studying Anti-Friction and Anti-Wear Behaviour
Author(s): N. Ravikiran, Balaji Padya, P.K. Jain, A. Krishnaiah | pp 19-30
4. Entropy Generation Due to Change in Thermophysical Properties of Nanofluids
Author(s): Ravi Prattipati, Srinivas Pendyala, Vipul Jain | pp 31-37
5. Experimental Investigation on Nano Refrigeration
Author(s): M. Nagaraju, V. Mahanandi Reddy | pp 38-44
6. Experimental Investigation on Heat Transfer Enhancement of Three Tube Heat Exchanger using Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3)/Water Nano fluid
Author(s): K Krishna Murthy, G. K Pujari, Mantri Pradeep Kumar, Mattapally Santhosh | pp 45-50
7. Theoretical Analysis of Off design Performance characteristics of single shaft Gas Turbine for Power Generation using biomass gasified fuel.
Author(s): Gangaraju Srinivas Sharma, M.V.S.MuraliKrishna | Hyderabad | pp 51-58
8. The Effect of Additives on Performance of CI Engine Fuelled With Bio-Diesel
Author(s): R.Eshwaraiah, B.Singaravel | Hyderabad | pp 59-65
9. The Effect on Environment with the use of Alternate Fuels
Author(s): Pagidipalli Saidulu, Narsimhulu Sanke | Hyderabad | pp 66-72
10. Heat Transfer Simulation of Gas Turbine Blade with Film Cooling
Author(s): Hadeel Raheem Jasim, Narsimhulu Sanke, Khaled Al-Farhany | pp 73-82
11. Experimental Measurements On Exhaust Emissions On Modified Two Stroke Spark Ignition Engine With Alcohol Blended Gasoline Using Catalytic Converter.
Author(s): S.Narasimha Kumar | Hyderabad | pp 83-89
12. Life Cycle Assessment of a Wind based Electric Power Generation System: An Indian Perspective
Author(s): N. Leela Prasad, P. Usha Sri , K. Vizayakumar | Hyderabad | pp 90-100
13. Viscous oil-water flow through an undulated pipeline in valley configuration by experimental and CFD simulation
Author(s): Anand Babu Desamala, M Sreeramulu, M Srinivasa Rao, Fasil Alemayehu | Hyderabad | pp 101-112
14. Experimental Investigation on DI Diesel Engine Using vegetable oils as a Bio Additive
Author(s): M.Sonachalam, V.Manieniyan, R.Senthilkumar, S.Sivaprakasam | Hyderabad | pp 113-119
15. Thermodynamic analysis of two stage cascade refrigeration system using Natural Refrigerants
Author(s): S. Venkataiah, Rangavajjula Venkata Datta Sai Pavan, Mustyala Sai Nikhil | Hyderabad | pp 120-128
16. A Review on Helical Baffles for shell and tube heat exchangers
Author(s): Ravi Gugulothu, Narsimhulu Sanke, AVSSKS Gupta, Ratna Kumari Jilugu | Hyderabad | pp 129-139
17. Experimental Investigation on Pyramidal Solar Still for Indian Climate
Author(s): K.Krishna Murthy, G.K. Pujari, Kiriti Mamidi, Pradeep Kumar Mantri, Santhosh Mattapalli, Ajaruddin Shaik | Hyderabad | pp 140-146
18. Regenerative Air Cooler - A Technique to Overcome Thermodynamic Limitation
Author(s): Srinivas Pendyala | Hyderabad | pp 147-154
19. Numerical Investigation on Heat Transfer of Helical Baffles Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Author(s): Ravi Gugulothu, Narsimhulu Sanke, Ratna Kumari Jilugu, Sri Rama Devi Rangisetty | pp 155-160
20. Analysis of Key Design Parameters of a Pure Scramjet Engine to Reduce its Starting Mach Number
Author(s): V. Uma Maheshwar, Y.Vijrumbana | Hyderabad | pp 161-177
21. Comparative Study of Structured and Unstructured Meshing of Nozzle Model
Author(s): V. Uma Maheshwar, Moogi Srinivasa Rao | Hyderabad | pp 178-186
22. Computational Study of Savonius Vertical Axis Wind Turbine(VAWT) for different Overlap Ratios
Author(s): V. Uma Maheshwar, Pavan Mummadi | Hyderabad | pp 187-197
23. Computational Study of Two Phase Flow and Heat Transfer in Helical Pipes
Author(s): V. Uma Maheshwar, R.V.S.S.R.Pavana Kumar | Hyderabad | pp 198-205
24. Role of Production in SCM-Key Aspects
Author(s): Gayathri Nannapaneni, P.Laxminarayana | Hyderabad| pp 206-213
25. Recent Trends in Abs-Calcium Carbonate Polymer Composite Processing: A Review
Author(s): S.Sreenivasulu, A.Chenna Keshava Reddy | Hyderabad | pp 214-221
26. Parametric Optimization of Hardness and Surface Roughness of a Friction Stir Welded Joint by Making Use of Data Envelopment Approach
Author(s): M.Vamshi, Pranav Ravindrannair, M.Shreiyas, A.Niresh| pp 222-230
27. Development of Electron Beam Welding process for welding of Zirconium Alloy to Hafnium
Author(s): V.N.S.K. Chaitanya, M.Chaitanya Reddy, A.M.Parsodkar, R.K.Chaube, A. Maruthi Rama, I. Kiran Kumar, Meena Ravindran, Dinesh Srivastava | Hyderabad | pp 231-236
28. Study of Vegetable oil and their Properties for as an Alternative Source to Mineral oil-Based Dielectric Fluid in Electric Discharge Machining
Author(s): B.Singaravel, K.Chandra Shekar, K.Mangapathi Rao, G. Gowtham Reddy | pp 237-244
29. A Systematic Quantitative Review of the Effect of Process Parameters in Single Point Incremental Sheet Forming
Author(s): Zeradam Yeshiwas, A. Krishnaiah | Hyderabad | pp 245-261
30. Optimization of Super Plastic Forming of low Carbon Steel in Stretching setup advanced Techniques
Author(s): G. Jagan Naik, M. Devaiah | Hyderabad | pp 262-272
31. Tribological Behaviour of Alumina as a Lubricant Additive
Author(s): Harikumar Andem, P. Ramesh Babu | Hyderabad | pp 273-282
32. An Experimental Analysis of Performance and Emission on IDI Diesel Engine Fuelled with Different Blends Biodiesel, Diesel Additive and Diesel
Author(s): Author(s): Billa Kiran Kumar, Jibitesh Kumar Panda G. Ravi Kiran Sastry, | NIT, Agartala | pp 283-288
33. Comparative Characteristics of Electro Discharge Machining and Micro Electro Discharge Drilling
Author(s): P.Chaitanya Krishna Chowdary, P.Laxminarayana, N.Nagabhushana Ramesh, Hyderabad | pp 289-293
34. Experimental Study on Effect of Process Parameters of Wire EDM on Maraging Steels Using Plain Brass Wire
Author(s): B. Swathi, M. Sangeetha, K. Saraswathamma | Hyderabad |pp 294-302
35. Effect of Post Weld Heat Treatment Soaking Time on Mechanical Properties of Tig Welded Grade 91 Steel
Author(s):  S. Swethabhagirathi, Kasturi Mithun, K.Saraswathamma, Hyderabad | pp 303-311
36. Optimization of Electric Discharge Machining Process Parameters using Artificial Neural Network
Author(s):V.Sampath, K.Eswaraiah, Khizar Adnan | Hyderabad | 312-320
37. Experimental Investigation of Process Parameters of EDM on 17-4 PH Steel using Taguchi Method
Author(s): V.Sampath, K.Eswaraiah, M.Ashok Kumar | Hyderabad | pp 321-331
38. Estimation of Electrical Conductivity of ABS and PLA Based EDM Electrode Fabricated By Using FDM 3D-Printing Process
Author(s): L. Mahipal Reddy, L. Siva Rama Krishna, S. Sharath Kumar, P. Ravinder Reddy | pp 332-338
39. Investigations on the Surface Hardness and Roughness of Roller Burnished Surfaces
Author(s): J Kandasamy N Shravan Kumar Reddy | Hyderabad | pp 339-346
40. Experimental Study on Parametric optimization For Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Prototype Processing
Author(s): Battula Narayana, Sriram Venkatesh | Hyderabad | pp 347-356
41. Prediction of Angular Error and Surface Roughness in Wire-EDM Taper cutting of AISI D2 Tool Steel
Author(s): K.L.Uday Kiran, K.Saraswathamma, A.M.K.Prasad, G.Chandra Mohan Reddy | Hyderabad | pp 357-364
42. GA Based Case Study for Testing of Isomorphism
Author(s): V. Rakesh, P.S.S. Murthy, K. Eswaraiah | Hyderabad | pp 365-371
43. Damping Enhancement in Structures with Particle Damper
Author(s): J. Swapna, D. Ramkrishna | Hyderabad | pp 372-377
44. Passive Isolation from Belleville Spring Nanduri
Author(s): V P S Anirudh, D. Ramakrishna | Hyderabad | pp 378-383
45. Investigation of Tensile and Flexural Behaviour of Hybrid Fiber Composites Based on Basalt and Kenaf Fibers
Author(s): T. Rohith Kumar, U. Venkata Ramana, A. Arun, Md.Rameez Rizwan, K. Kishor Kumar | Hyderabad | pp 384-391
46. Effect of Stacking Sequence on Plane Strain Fracture Toughness of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite
Author(s): K. Chandra Shekar, B. Anjaneya Prasad, V.Manikishore, B. Singaravel | Hyderabad | pp 392-397
47. Modeling and Analysis of Disc Brake mounted on axle of the Train
Author(s): E. Madhusudan Raju, S. Kavya, D. Jitesh Krishna, Srikrishna | Hyderabad | pp 398-405
48. Control of Multi-Link Robots with Link Flexibility
Author(s): E. Madhusudan Raju, L Siva Rama Krishna, Mohamed Abbas, V Nageswara Rao | Hyderabad | pp 406-414

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