Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2018

Sr. Title / Author(s) Abstract Full PDF
1. A Novel Approach for Palmprint Recognition Using Neighboring Direction Indicator
Author(s): Lewis Wilson, Papiya Dutta | GGCT, Jabalpur pp 05-12
2. On Fuzzy Supra b-open map and Fuzzy Supra b-closed map Author(s): Mukta Bhatele, Madhulika Shukla | GGITS, Jabalpur pp 13-16
3. Finite Element Analysis of Flange Coupling Using Composite Materials Under Static Condition
Author(s): Satyanarayan Dubey, Pragyan Jain, T. K. Mishra | GGITS, Jabalpur pp 17-24
4. Image Resolution Enhancement Using Multi Step Magnification Method
Author(s): Ajay Sonkesriya, Shobhit Verma | TIET, Jabalpur pp 25-29
5. Experimental Analysis of Adaptive Control of a Voltage Source Converter for Power Factor Correction
Author(s): Kota Nayak V. | Dhruva, Hydrabad pp 30-34
6. A Survey of Clustering Techniques
Author(s): Shikha Kushwaha, Deepak Agrawal | TIET, Jabalpur pp 35-43
7. A Survey Report on Optimization Techniques of Pavement Maintenance in Road Network System
Author(s): P. Venkatraman Reddy, R. Srinivasa Kumar| Osmania University, Hyderabad pp 44-50
8. Soliton Transmission in Optical Fiber Communication System
Author(s): Pragati Patharia, Bilaspur pp 51-56

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