Volume 5, Issue 2, April 2018

Sr. Title / Author(s) Abstract Full PDF
1. Design and Analysis of Enhanced Routing Protocols in MANET
Autor(s): E. Krishna Hari, E. Nagabhushanam | MREC, Hyderabad | pp 05-12
2. An Efficient Analysis of 3 Phase Converter
Author(s) : Kota Nayak V. | Dhruva, Hydrabad | pp 13-17
3. A Review on Present Status of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Projects in India Author(s): Gautam Chaudhary, Rishabh N. Mahure | pp 18-23
4. An Attribute-Based Access Control Web Based Mechanism in Cloud Computing Services
Author(s): D Srilakshmi, M C S Varma, DDD Suribabu | DNRCET, Bhimavaram | pp 24-28
5. Probabilistic and Deterministic Verification Approaches of Outsourced Frequent Item Set Mining
Author(s): Y Mary Sujatha, B Nanadana Kumar, DDD Suribabu | DNRCET, Bhimavaram | pp 29-34
6. A Review of Trust Techniques in WSN Author(s): Roshini Sen, Abhishek Pandey | TIET, Jabalpur | pp 35-39
7. Load Balancing Algorithms in Cloud Computing-A Survey
Author(s): Loveleen Kaur | JEC, Jabalpur | pp 40-50
8. A Novel Algorithm for Enhanced Routing Protocols in MANETS Author(s): E. Krishna Hari, E. Nagabhushanam | MREC, Hyderabad | pp 51-59
9. Smart Approach using GNS 3 Mitigation of Wireless Sensor Network
Author(s) Sandeep Tripathi, Santosh Sahu, Jayesh Jain | SRGI, Jabalpur  | pp 60-66
10. Application of Different Agricultural Waste in Concrete as a Partial Replacement of Cement
Author(s): Navneet Kumar Chouksey, Anubhav Rai | GGITS, Jabalpur | pp 67-73
11. Analysis & Effect of Auricular Therapy of OM- The Divine Mantra using Autocorrelation function in EEG (electroencephalogram) to test Certain Diseases: A Review
Author(s): Dr. Mukta Bhatele, Chyrine Bouche | GGITS, Jabalpur pp 74-78
12. Enhancing the Security of Medical Data Transmission in Cloud Using Reversible Storage Identity Based Encryption Technique-A Review 
Author(s): Dr. Mukta Bhatele, Samradhi Sharma | GGITS, Jabalpur pp 79-84
13. Utilization of FBG Dispersion Compensation and Analysis of High Data Rate Transmission Using Optical Communication Systems
Author(s): K. Rambabu, Sriram Singla | Madhav University, Sirohi pp 85-90
14. Design and Performance Analysis of Digital Modulation Techniques in Optical Fibre Communication
Author(s): Pragati Patharia | Bilaspur pp 91-95
15. Modified Bitumen in Flexible Pavement- A Review
Author(s): Praveen Kumar P, Manjunatha S, Subramanya K G | SKSJT, Bangalore pp 96-100

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