International Journal of Modern Engineering and Research Technology

Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2019

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1. Structural and Thermal Analysis of IC Engine Connecting Rod Using Ansys
Author(s): Tara Mohan, G. Veeresh Kumar, B.Raja Narender, M. Naga Sailaja | TKREC, Hyderabad pp 05-15
2. CFD Analysis on Impeller Passage of Centrifugal Pump
Author(s): G. Narendar, G. Venod, S. Charvani | Osmania University, Hyderabad pp 16-27
3. Recital Augmentation of Cache Execution in Cluster Based Mobile Adhoc Network
Author(s): Ch. V. Phani Krishna, Somi Reddy Pavani, Kema Prathyusha, E. Aruna | TKREC, Hyderabad pp 28-35
4. Employee Perception Towards Performance Appraisal System in Banks - An Empirical Study
Author(s) : M. Sarala, Uma Rani Bade | TKREC, Hyderabad pp 36-43
5. Power Scheduling and Control Schemes for Efficient Operation of a Solar Power in Hybrid DC Microgrids
Author(s): K.V. Dhanalakshmi, Y. Bhanu Sree | GNITS, Hyderabad pp 44-53
6. Comparison Analysis of Secure Multicasting Routing Protocols in Mobile Adhoc Networks
Author(s): Gurjeet Singh, Vijay Dhir| SBBS University, Jalandhar pp 54-59
7. Novel Approach to Enhance the Credibility of Product & Services
Author(s) : Sunil Kispotta | SRIST, Jabalpur pp 60-63
8. Integrity Verification in Multi-Cloud Storage by Efficient Cooperative Provable Data Possession
Author(s) : Madhulata Silawat, Abhishek Pandey | TIET, Jabalpur pp 64-72
9. Improved Heed Protocol using Hybrid Energy Efficient Approach for WSN
Author(s) : Ayushi Gour, Santosh Sahu, Anupam Choudhary, Jabalpur pp 73-80
10. Implementation of Hybrid Security Scheme for the Application of Web Service
Author(s) : Shinkita Shrivastava, Sapna Choudhary | SRGI, Jabalpur pp 81-88
11. Anisotropy in Plain Strain Fracture Toughness (Kic) Property of Maraging Steels
Author(s) : K. Srinivasa Vadayar, Kumud Kant Mehta, Lingampalli Prasad | Hyderabad pp 89-99
12. Discipline as an Integral Component of NCC Training
Author(s) : Captain Ranjit Singh, Chitra Shekhawat | Udaipur pp 100-108
13. Communication of Secure Health Records in e-Health Cloud Through Attribute Based Encryption (ABE) Strategies
Author(s) : Mukta Bhatele, Ayushi Chourasia | GGITS, Jabalpur pp 109-119
14. Adaptive Embedding Learning Methods for Cross Domain Sentiment Classification
Author(s) : K. Gopal Reddy, K. S. Sadasiva Rao | SIIET, Sheriguda pp 120-128
15. Disinfection of Water Using Photo Catalyst; Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)
Author(s): Priyanka Patil, Abhaykumar S. Wayal | VJIT, Mumbai pp 129-135
16. Intuitionistic Fuzzy Semi Distributive Lattices
Author(s): Limnaraj B. P., Mary George | Thiruvanathapuram pp 136-143
17. Vacuum Technology in the Field of Metallurgy
Author(s): K. Srinivasa Vadayar | JNTUHCE, Hyderabad pp 144-149
18. Investigating Citizen’s Awareness of Privacy and Security Challenges During: Data Collection in Smart Cities
Author(s): Joshua Gisemba Okemwa, M. S. Deora | Udaipur pp 150-157
19. Brushless DC Motor Speed Control Using Microcontroller
Author(s): E. Kannan, S. Lavanya | Kanchipuram pp 158-164
20. Improvement of Intentional Islanding Dynamics by Using Novel Load Shedding Method
Author(s): Gundala Srinivasa Rao, B. Nagaraju | Hyderabad pp 165-173
21. Three Phase Induction Motor Protection Using Non-Directional Over Current Relay
Author(s): K. Anisha, A. Mohanasubramaniam | Kanchipuram pp 174-179
22. Device-to-Device Communications Enabled Energy Efficient Multicast scheduling in mmWave Small Cells: A survey
Renuka Suhasrao Dabir, Vaijanath V. Yerigeri | Ambajogai pp 180-188
23. Parameter Estimation of Three Phase Induction Motor Using MATLAB-Simulink
Author(s): K. H. Phani Shree | Hyderabad pp 189-194
24. Bandwidth Spoofing and Intrusion Detection System for Multi Stage 5G Wireless Communication Network: A Review
Author(s): Shivtanya Shivhar Nirmale, Vaijanath V. Yerigeri | Ambajogai pp 195-202
25. A Shared Approach to Ensure Data Protection in Cloud Computing
Author(s): Raksha Nayak, Sapna Choudhary | SRGI, Jabalpur pp 203-213
26. Enhancing Multilevel Authentication Technique for Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing
Author(s): Saksham Shrivastava, Sapna Choudhary | SRGI, Jabalpur pp 214-222
27. Power Oscillation Damping by Using SSSC with and Without Pod Controller in Electrical Power Transmission System
Author(s): Gourav Sitole, Arun Pachori | JEC, Jabalpur pp 223-230
28. Method and System for Performing Card Less Cash Money Withdraws in ATM Machine
Author(s) : Shyamsundar Bhairam, Deepak Agrawal | TIET, Jabalpur pp 231-234
29. Closed Loop Control of Switched Reluctance Motor
Author(s) : V. Panneer Selvam, S. Prabakaran | SCSVMV, Kancheepuram pp 235-239
30. Effects of the Thermal Radiation on the Boundary Layer Flow over an Exponentially Stretching Sheet in the Presence of Viscous Dissipation
Author(s) : B. Shankar Goud, Ratna Kumari Jilugu, Ravi Gugulothu, K. Shivakumar | JNTUHCE , Hyderabad pp 240-245
31. Genetic Algorithm: An Adaptive Approach to Improve BER in Turbo Codes
Author(s) : Suman Kshirsagar | CBIT, Hyderabad pp 246-256
32. Cloud Resource Cost Minimization using PSO Algorithm
Author(s) : Garima Thakur, Jayesh Jain, Sapna Choudhary | SRGI, Jabalpur pp 257-267
33. Negative Sequence Relay Protection for 3 Phase Induction Motor
Author(s) : T. K. Arulmozhi, M. Mahendran | SCSVMV, Kancheepuram pp 268 -276
34. Octagonal-Shaped Microstrip Antenna for Multiband Application
Author(s) : Renuka Dagdusaheb Chavan, Vaijanath V. Yerigeri | Ambajogai, pp 277-283
35. Analysis of Experimental Innovative Melting Technique for Energy Efficiency in Ferrous Foundries
Author(s) : Ratan Kumar Jain | ITM University Gwalior, pp 284-293
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