International Journal of Modern Engineering and Research Technology

Volume 5, Issue 4, October 2018

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1. Application of Geo-Electrical Surveys to Study the Groundwater Potential Zones in the Deccan Basalt Region of Jalgaon District, Maharashtra
Author(s): G. Nagamallesh, Ram Raj Mathur | pp 05-14
2. Temperature Dependence of Acoustical and Excess Acoustical Parameters in Propylene Glycol and Ethanol Binary Liquid Mixtures
Author(s):S. M. Ibrahim, T. Vishwam, S. Sreehari Sastry | Guntur | pp 15-24
3. Optimization and Buckling Analysis of Hatch Cover Based on Genetic Algorithm by Composite Materials
Author(s): Cheedi Dyvakrupa, Neelima Devi Chinta | Vizianagaram | pp 25-37
4. Dynamic and Modal Analysis of Gantry Crane System Subjected Under Moving Load Condition
Author(s): Paila Vanaja, Neelima Devi Chinta | Vizianagaram | pp 38-46
5. Sharing of a Digital Secret Image by Diverse Media for High Security
Author(s): Pooja Namdev Khandelote, Vaijanath V. Yerigeri | Ambajogai | pp 47-54
6. Study of Molecular Interactions Through Density, Viscosity and Ultrasonic Measurements of Propylene Glycol and Heptanol Binary Mixtures
Author(s): Suriya Shihab, T. Vishwam, S. Sreehari Sastry | Guntur | pp 55-66
7. Simulation of PI and PID Controller Using Enhanced Closed Loop Z Source Converter
Author(s): Sundari Sravan Kumar, Yerra Sreenivasa Rao | pp 67-73
8. A Reversible Data Hiding with Contrast Enhancement of Digital Image
Author(s): Kiran Shetkar, Vaijanath V. Yerigeri | Ambajogai | pp 74-80
9. Luminance Parameters Through Image Analysis Technique in Supramolecule PyB14A:nFA Mesogens
Author(s): Ch. Kamalakar, C. J. Sreelatha, S. Sreehari Sastry, D. M. Potukuchi | pp 81-89
10. Heat Transfer and Friction Factor Characteristics in Twisted Square Duct with Inserts
Author(s): M. Udaya Kumar, Md. Yousuf Ali | Hyderabad | pp 90-98
11. Privacy Preserving for Numeric Data Query in Cloud Computing
Author(s): P. Kiran Kumar, S. Soundraya, N. Ashwini, Y. Kavya Sri | Ibrahmipatnam, pp 99-105
12. Analysis of Wind Turbine for Vibrational Control Using Single Tune Mass Damper
Author(s): Chellu Satish, K. Srinivasa Prasad | Vizianagaram pp 106-115
13. CPW-fed Quad Band Microstrip Antenna for Multiband Application
Author(s): Nachiket Bhatlondhe, Vaijanath V. Yerigeri | Ambajogai pp 116-121
14. Co-axial fed Triband Patch Antenna with Narrow Bandwidth
Author(s): Praveenkumar Sonji, Vaijanath V. Yerigeri | Ambajogai pp 122-126
15. Line Fed Inverted Double L-Shape with Rectangular Slot Microstrip Antenna for Quad Band Application Author(s): Santosh Bhutada, Vaijanath V. Yerigeri | Ambajogai pp 127-131
16. CPW-fed Triband Patch Antenna with Enhanced Bandwidth
Author(s): Shailesh Salgare, Vaijanath V. Yerigeri | Ambajogai pp 132-136
17. An Efficient Constant Current Controller for PV Solar Power Generator Integrated with the Grid
Author(s): Supreeya G. Achawale, V. M. Jain | Ambajogai pp 137-145
18. Elastic Damping Gravitational Effect of Two Different Sized Particle – Particle Contact Using Discrete Element Method
Author(s): Oleena SH, Thiruvananthapuram  pp 146- 157
19. Internet of Things Architecture, Protocols, Sensors and Applications
Author(s): M. Obula Reddy, Joseph Beatrice Seventline pp 158-170
20. A 10-bit 100MS/s Memristor Based Pipelined ADC in Digital CMOS Technology
Author(s): Priyanka Kumari, Shyam Akashe | ITM University, Gwalior pp 171-178
21. Structural Design and Hydrodynamic Force Analysis of Submersible Pressure Hull
Author(s): Lella Swarana Mukhi, K. Srinivasa Prasad | JNTUKUCEV, Vizianagaram pp 179-186
22. Improved Leach Protocol for Maximizing WSN Lifetime Using Heterogeneous Nodes
Author(s): Anjali Arora, Santosh Sahu | SRGI, Jabalpur pp 187-196
23. Static Structural and Modal Analysis for Leaf Spring with Composite Material
Author(s): Manohar Allada, K. Srinivasa Prasad | JNTUKUCE, Vizianagaram pp 197-210
24. Analysis of Polymer Spur Gears
Author(s): Krishna Kanth Nandikolla , V. Mani Kumar | JNTUKUCE, Vizianagaram pp 211-221
25. On High Temperature Materials: An Overview of Deformation and Fracture Maps of a Super Alloy Stainless Steel by Analytical Modeling
Author(s): A. Kanni Raj | VelTech, Chennai pp 222-230
26. Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar AI-Alloys at Different Welding Parameters: Experimental Testing and Finite Element Analysis
Author(s): Alekhya Medepalli, Swami Naidu Gurugubelli | JNTUKUCE, Vizianagaram pp 231-240
27. Comparative Analysis of Experimental and Computational Data of Evaporation Cooler By Varing Cooling Pad Material
Author(s): Aniket Prakashrao Anokar, Kishor Ramdasji Gawande| DRGIT&R, Amravati pp 241-247
28. A Qualitative Way for Automatic Attendance Tracking Using Beckon Signal
Author(s): Arpita Nema, Sunil Kispotta, Saurabh Kumar Singh | JEC, Jabalpur pp 248-257
29. Application of Pattern-Output Viterbi Algorithm to Algebraic Soft-Decision Decoding Over Partial Response Channels
Author(s): Dharkar Rupali Narhari, Vaijanath V. Yerigeri | Ambajogai
30. Decentralized PID Controller Design for TITO Processes for Uncertain System
Author(s): Sampada S. Shastri , S. S. Sankeshwari | Ambajogai
31. Implementation of Static Synchronous Series Compensator for Power Flow Improvement in Electrical Power Transmission System
Author(s): Gourav Sitole, Arun Pachori | JEC, Jabalpur

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