Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2015

Sr. Title / Author(s) Abstract Full PDF
1. Review on Biopolymer Based Agrochemicals Formulations | Author(s) : Dr. Anamika Roy, Dr. Hemlata Bundela | pp 05-11
2. Improving BER Performance of HAAR and Le-Gall Wavelet Based OFDM Author (s): Juhi Khetrapal, Raj Tiwari | G.G.I.T.S., Jabalpur | pp 12-15
3. Forensics Analysis-Technique for Cybercrime Author(s) : Ravindra Kumar Gupta, Sanjay Gupta | VITS, Jabalpur| pp 16-23
4. Chromatic Dispersion Compensation and Comparative Analysis of the Performance of RZ and NRZ Modulation Formats for the Long Haul Communication Author(s): Rahul Mishra, Prof. Sarwar Raeen | pp 24-28
5. An Approach for Information Hiding Using Various Watermarking Techniques-A Survey. Author(s) Prashasti Chaturvedi, Prof. Raghvendra Singh Tomar, Prof. Sweta Gupta, Dr. Mukta Bhatele | pp 29-34
6. Low Level Feature Identification of Satellite Images and Knowledge Discovery From Identified Features using Association Rule Mining : Author(s): Ankita Jain, Prof. Sourabh Jain, Prof. B. L. Rai, Dr. Mukta Bhatele| pp 35-42
7. Privacy Preservation Techniques in Cloud Computing- A Review
Author(s) : Deepika Gour, Prof. Raghvendra Singh Tomar, Prof. Ankur Pandey, Dr. Mukta Bhatele | pp 36-49
8. Critical analysis of Existing Cloud Computing Techniques Author(s) : Javed Akhtar Khan | TIET, Jabalpur| pp 50-56

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