Volume 5, Issue 3, July 2018

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1. An Era of 5G, A Digital Revolution Enabling Internet of Things
Author(s): Prabhadevi Cheruku, S.V. Degree College, Hyderabad | pp 05-12
2. MPPT Control Strategies for Solar Energy Harvesting Using SMC Approach
Author(s): Vishakha S. Chavan, S. S. Sankeshwari, Ambajogai | pp 13-21
3. Performance of Three Phase Power Converter with Disturbance Attenuation Using Sliding Mode Control Approach
Author(s): Ramakant S. Bhosale, S. S. Sankeshwari, Ambajogai, Maharashtra pp 22-30
4. Duplication of a Vertex by a new vertex in Divided Square Difference Cordial Graphs
Author(s): A. Alfred Leo, R. Vikramaprasad pp 31-41
5. Analysis of Factors Affecting the Implementation of Quality Management Standard in Indian Insurance Industry
Author(s): Rakesh Singh Chauhan, Alok Agrawal | TIET, Jabalpur pp 42-52
6. An Efficient Mechanism for Maintaining Privacy-Public Auditing to the Shared Data in the Cloud
Author(s): G. Vijaya, Shaik Mohammed Shafiulla | DIET, Hyderabad 53-56
7. Modulation of Five Level Inverter Topology for Open End Winding IM Drive using Fuzzy PID
Author(s): Tejmala M. Thalkar, S. S. Sankeshwari, Ambajogai,  pp 57-66
8. Status of Respirable Suspended Particulate Matters: Concentration & Impact; In the Highly Motorized Areas at Jabalpur
Author(s): Kriti Tiwari, Charan Singh Thakur | SRGI, Jabalpur pp 67-77
9. An Enhanced Research Challenges in Wireless Sensor Networks
Author(s): A. Prasanna Kumar, K. V. Naganjaneyulu | DHRU, Hyderabad  pp 78-85
10. An Efficient Clustering Mechanism for Spatial Data Mining
Author(s): D. Geetha, Shaik Mohammed Shafiulla | DHRU, Hyderabad pp 86-90
11. Implementation and Comparison between Activity Based Costing and Traditional Cost Accounting System for Small and Medium Scale Industry
Author(s): Divya Pandey, Diplesh Gautam | pp 91-95
12. Thyristor Power Controlled Fed DomesticLoads Using Microcontroller
Author(s): Srikanth Thummala, B. Mouli Chandra | QISCET, Ongole | pp 96-104
13. Detection of Copy-Move Forgery in Digital Images Using Discrete Cosine Transform and Fast Independent Component Analysis
Author(s): Ashok Nayak B. , E. Nagabhooshanam | pp 105-118
14. Solar Lead Battery Charger
Author(s): Juhi Mahendra | IIS University, Jaipur| pp 119-122
15. Robust Control of DC Motor Using Sliding Mode Control Approach
Author(s): Mayuri R. Chate, S. S. Sankeshwari | Ambajogai | pp 123-128
16. An Enhanced Techniques to Data Mining for Web Intelligence
Author(s): G. Swathi, Shaik Mohammed Shafiulla | DHRU, Hyderabad | pp 129-133
17. Torque Estimation of BLDC Motor Using SMC Technique
Author(s): Shaikh Tainum F., S. S. Sankeshwari | MPESEC, Ambajogai pp 134-140
18. Laser Surface Texturing (LST) on Piston Rings for Friction Power Reduction- A Technical Review
Author(s): Vijay Kumar Patel, Bharat M. Ramani | Gujarat 141-147
19. Automatic Braking Systems Using Sensors
Author(s): Suman Reddy Sama, K. V. Naganjaneyulu | DHRU, Hyderabad 148-154
20. Prediction of Different Types of Defects in Casting Surface Using Image Processing Techniques
Author(s): E. Banumathi, J. Priya | NGM, Pollachi pp 155-159
21. Accurate Prediction of Rainfall by Analyzing Time Series Data Using Artificial Neural Network Models
Author(s): G. Mani Kumar, K. V. Naganjaneyulu | DHRU, Hyderabad pp 160-165
22. PTS and C-PTS based OFDM with Companding using Different Modulation Techniques
Author(s): Swati Sandipan Choudhary, Vaijanath V. Yerigeri | Ambajogai pp 166-170
23. Analysis of Various Data Mining Techniques in Prediction of Various Apples Fruit Diseases
Author(s): S. Mahalakshmi, V. Prabvathi | NGM, Pollachi | pp 171-174
24. Enhanced Security Techniques Implementation to Provide Security to Cloud Author(s): Vangari Mounika, K.V. Naganjaneyulu | DHRU, Hyderabad | pp 175-182
25. An Enhanced Cyber Security Methodologies to Avoid Cyber Crimes
Author(s): Jatoth Santhosh Kumar, K.V. Naganjaneyulu | DHRU, Hyderabad An Enhanced Cyber Security Methodologies to Avoid Cyber Crimes| pp 183-187
26. Evaluation of HVOF Thermal Sprayed Cr3C2NiCr75/25 and NiCrBSi Coatings and Hard Chrome Plating
Author(s): S. Karuppasamy, V. Sivan, S.P. Kumaresh Babu, R. Dhanuskodi | Tiruchy | pp 188-206
27. Power Conditioning in Four-Wire Distribution System for High Level Cascaded Multi-Level Inverter with Solar Photovoltaic Array
Author(s): B. Madhusudhan Reddy, B. Murali Mohan, Y. Ananda Babu | AITS, Rajampet pp 207-212
28. Real-Time Monitor RTMS System over Text Streams
Author(s): D. Bharath Kumar, K. Shiva Krishna, K. Manirathnam, Ch. GVN Prasad | SICET, Ibrahimptnam | pp 213-217
29. Study of Thermo-Optical Parameters for Device Applications by Image Analysis
Author(s): L.N.V.H. Somasundar, K. Mallika, Ha Sie Tiong, Sreehari Sastry | ANU, Guntur | pp 218-227
30. Performance of Inter satellite Optical Communication Using Discrete Modulation Formats
Author(s) : K. Rambabu | Madhav University, Rajasthan | pp 228-232
31. ASIC Realizations of a Distributed Arithmetic Reconfigurable FIR Filters of Higher Order
Author(s): Rashmi Bawankar, Rajesh Mehra | Panjab University, Chandigargh | pp 233-238
32. A Novel Approach to Enhance Rating of Product Review Using Multiple Online Retailers
Author(s) : Sunil Kispotta, Nagendra Kumar, Saurabh Singh | Jabalpur| pp 239-251
33. Analysis of Internet of Things Sensing In Health Care with Cloud Based Processing and Patient Monitoring Using Arduino
Author(s) : Battu Manikumar, Sriram Singla | Madhav University, Sirohi pp 252-258
34. End to End Check-in Baggage Live Tracking System
Author(s) : Pragati Patharia | Bilaspur 259-264

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