Volume 4, Issue 2, April 2017

Sr. Title / Author(s) Abstract Full PDF
1. Link Isolate for Trust Based Suspect ON-OFF Attack
Author(s): Manisha Shrivastava, Abhishek Pandey, TIET, Jabalpur pp 05-09
2. Review Paper on P2P Network Security from Sybill Attack in Various Application
Author(s): Shobhna Tantwoy, Abhishek Pandey, TIET, Jabalpur pp 10-15
3. Review– Study of Manganese Metal Toxicity in Water and Methods of Removal
Author(s): Hemlata Bundela Awasthi, Deepika Garg | TIET, Jabalpur  pp 16-22
4. VLSI Implementation and Optimization of UDP/IP Stack in FPGA
Author(s): Abhishek Sahu, Prajyant Pathak, LNCT, Jabalpur  pp 23-27
5. A Survey of Clustering Algorithms
Author(s):Ruchita Tiwari, Anupam Choudhary, Sapna Choudhary | SRGI, Jabalpur| pp 28-32
6. Performance Evaluation of the AES Algorithm
Author(s):Pragya Mishra, Prajyant Pathak | LNCT, Jabalpur | pp 33-37
7. A Review of Apriori with Association Rule Mining
Author(s):Vivek Tiwari, Anupam Choudhary, Sapna Choudhary | SRGI, Jabalpur| pp 38-47
8. VLSI Implementation of UDP/IP Protocol
Author(s): Ashish Rai, Mohit Khilwani | TIET, Jabalpur | pp 48-52
9. Performance Analysis of Different Low Power Consumption Full Adders
Author(s): Somya Singh, Shyam Akashe | ITM University, Gwalior| pp 53-59
10. The Design of Low Power CMOS based Booth Multiplier
Author(s): Ajay P Thakare | SCET, Amravati (Maharashtra) pp 60-63
11. Optimised Wireless Communication System using Interleaved Encoder with QAM and PSK
Author(s): Vinita Yadav Sindhia, Prajyant Pathak | LNCT, Jabalpur pp 64-68
12. Design Consideration and Selection of Hydro Power Plant Turbine
Author(s): Manoj Kumar Shukla | Kalaniketan, Jabalpur pp 69-73
13. Machine Learning Approach for MRI Brain Tumor Detection Techniques
Author(s): Shriram Dhurvey, Bharat Solanki | JEC, Jabalpur pp 74-82

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